Welcome to Grown's 'Meet the Creative' series. We work with so many incredibly talented creators and makers, so this is a series dedicated to celebrating the vibrancy of the creators that surround us here at Grown. So, let's get to know them.

Today, we talk to photographer Alarna O'Connell the founder of Arch + Co, Alarna is the creative behind the lens on some of our latest Grown campaign shoots. Alarna lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and three babes. She captures beautiful moments with families, mothers, children and more. She loves nothing more than having a camera in her hand, documenting the innocence of childhood, in an honest and genuine way. Meet Alarna.. 

What is your first memory of photography? And, what ultimately attracted you to begin your career in photography?

I have vivid memories of sitting in my grandparents home on a Saturday night, watching slide shows and videos of our family. My Pa was an avid photographer and my mum had a beautiful curation of home photo albums - to this day l still love looking through them. I studied Photography at Uni, but ended up going down the path of Graphic Design instead, it was only when l had my first baby, that my love of photography came through strong and l started documenting our days with my camera. 


Do you prefer to shoot digital or film?

I shoot mostly digital for clients, but the allure of film is starting to consume all my thoughts, so l'm slowly introducing film into most of my photoshoots. I love film it for its beauty, its slowing down process and its unpredictability, I love the lack of control you have and for letting each image just be what it is. 


What is your favourite part of shooting with kids, and in particular your favourite part of a Grown shoot?

Kids are our biggest educators! I adore their innocence, the way they move without inhibition, their playfulness and laughter. If only we could see through the eyes of kids more.


As a creative I imagine you would find inspiration in many different forms, can you share some of your creative inspirations?

I recently became a member of a photography group called Memory Cult – it’s filled with the most inspirational women who inspire me daily. It’s an incredible space, a community filled with creative friendships and a mutual obsession that we all have with photography.


If you could photograph a campaign anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Ohhh this is a hard one! Travel is also one of my greatest passions. To shoot a campaign in the busy streets of Japan, or a remote beach off the coast of Portugal or Spain, anywhere really, l’ve got my camera packed, let’s go! There is so much beauty that surrounds us in the everyday – the black rocks in Flinders (where we shot one of the Grown campaigns) or just a simple lounge room that has beautiful, bouncing light. 



As a Mornington Peninsula local, what is your favourite local restaurant/cafe? Go-to order?

My favourite local at the moment is St Pauls General Store, it reminds me of that old school milk bar where you order hot chips and a mixed bag of lollies.  



You can keep up with Alarna via instagram: @arch_and_co


5月 06、2024 — Olivia Cook