We are in the business of doing good...
We are proud of our natural and biodegradable yarns with a low environmental impact. We use natural yarns such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool and tencel.
Our Organic Cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Organic cotton eliminates harsh chemicals and pesticides.
Our wool is certified from RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) to ensure sustainable farmed wool with proper animal welfare.
We choose our factories carefully and work closely with them on sustainable and ethical production and supply chains. Our factories are audited by BSCI to ensure an ethical manufacturing culture, as well as fair and safe working conditions and environmental impacts.
Our garments are considerate of their life cycle and post consumer waste, our garments are designed with a slow-fashion culture and are designed to be handed down as heirloom pieces and eventually to be biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.
We also consider pre-consumer waste like plastic free packaging and biodegradable corn starch
garment bags. Our online store shipping is 100% carbon neutral with all omissions being removed from the environment.
We never destroy excess materials or left over stock during manufacturing and we use all our left over trims and yarns. These garments are some of the items we have created purely to use up excess materials.